Japan is located on the East Asia side of the Pacific Ocean. It is known as an island nation because it is made up of thousands of islands. Japan is commonly referred to as ‘land of rising sun’ because its name means ‘sun-origin’. It is a large economic power and its economy is the third largest in the world. It is also among the most densely populated countries in the world. The life expectancy in this country is the longest in the world.

The culture of Japan has undergone a lot of changes over the years and now combines influences from North America, Europe and Asia among other regions. Millions of visitors travel to this country every year to experience the Japanese culture which is very unique. The Japanese are famous for their art which covers a range of media and styles. It includes ancient pottery, painting, sculpturing, crafts and ceramics among others.

The Japanese have preserved many of their ancient traditional ceremonies which are marked as annual festivals or annual holidays. Some of these ceremonies include snow festivals, fertility festivals and fire festivals. Some of the popular ones are rakugo, noh, kabuki and bunraku. They also participate in games, geisha, onsen, origami, calligraphy, martial arts, ikebana and tea ceremonies.

The Japanese have a cultural dress known as the Kimono. This is worn by men, women and children especially on special occasions. It is a full length garment that distinguishes the Japanese people from the rest. The kimono comes in different colours, sizes and designs and can also be worn by people from other regions. The Japanese also have their traditional footwear made from natural materials. The footwear is usually worn with the kimono and includes sandals and clogs.

The traditional Japanese cuisine has also evolved over the years and is now more refined and sophisticated. Some of their food is now popular internationally. Whale cuisine and whaling are part of the culture. This country is regarded as the largest consumer of whale meat in the world. The traditional Japanese food is usually very healthy and it has contributed greatly to the longevity of its people. Some of the popular delicacies include rice, boiled or pickled vegetables and lean, fresh seafood. There are great Japanese whiskies, beers and wines to accompany the food.

The culture of Japan links the ancient past and the present. This has created a culture that is truly multi-cultural and global. This could explain why millions of tourists flock to this country every year.